fujixerox.jpgFuji Xerok, joint venture printer manufacture company, announce that their product growth significant in Asia Pasific. The sales grow up until 32 percent in all of regional in Asia Pacific at 2006. Fuji Xerox success to increase laser printer sales and multifunctions printer four times become more 272.000 unit after build in 2003.
According to IDC report in Asia Pacific, total market of multifunctions printer (MFP) grow 28% compare with previous year become 8,1 millions unit in 2006. Delivery on MFP laser grow up until 46% with more 2 millions unit sales in 2006. In Indonesia, the most significant grow in MFP segment with sales grow up until 296%.

This announce coincide with launching of new printers from Fuji Xerox in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta-Indonesia. That is Docu DocuPrint 2065 and DocuPrint 3055.


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